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I am excited to have these health enhancing supplements available to you in my office.  Intravenous infusion of the vitamins you want and need are absorbed 100% by bypassing the digestive system. They are safely administered by an experienced RN or EMT. You will feel the effects almost immediately and they will last for several days! Adding an IV once or twice a month, depending on your lifestyle and health needs, can target specific benefits you are looking for by selecting one of these cocktails. I have chosen a handful from IV Bar's many options and any one of these is a great choice for the start of a new year.

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IV Cocktails

Balance $150

Helps hormonal imbalances, sleep regulation and increases relaxation all while hydrating the body.

Jolt $225

Designed for those with hectic 24/7 lifestyles.  Helps with mental energy and cognitive alertness while keeping you hydrated to help with peak physical performance.

Cleanse $150

Promotes healthy liver function while helping minimize extra waste and toxins.  Replenish your liver while balancing vital nutrients needed for overall energy and health.

Immune Plus $175

Increases relaxation, protects against free radicals, aids the immune system and much more.

Nirvana $200

Ideal for when you are under stress, anxious or exhausted.  Rest, relax and restore your body and mind while improving your mood and much more.

Individual Injections or add to IV $25/ml


Enhances brain and nervous system function, improves focus, necessary for making red blood cells and essential energy production.


Aides in healthy hair and nail growth, improves skin conditions like eczema, helps, glucose regulation and enhances metabolism.

Acetyl Cystine

Good kidney and liver cleanse, decreases brain fog, increases energy and metabolism also is used help thin and loosen mucus in the airways due to certain lung diseases (such as emphysemabronchitiscystic fibrosispneumonia).


Increases energy and aids in anemia.


Plays a role in over 300 enzyme reactions. Helps muscle nerve function, regulating blood pressure reduces muscle cramps and gets heart rythm normal. Also importanct in bone health and immune function.


Relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

Vitamin D

Aides in calcium absorption, bone health and immune function, protects muscle and heart tissue, also improves symptoms of depression.

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